Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Starting with Many Firsts

It's the 5th day of the year and already there's been quite a few firsts for me. But first, let me share my first dessert plate for 2016.

New Year 2016
Cakes, tarts and puffs in Grand Millennium Hotel, KL

Celebrating my first new year's eve countdown in a popular spot (KLCC) and in an effort to escape the crowd, we had a drink in Acme Bar & Coffee, Troika (also my first time there after walking past it so many times when I was still working in Menara Atlan years ago). It was also my first time walking into the KLCC parking through the carpark entrance. And under 24 hours, we planned a birthday trip with my long lost but now found friend and got all the bookings done too!

Today, mum and I fake-baked three pizzas in our oven (finally, being put to good use) for the first time. We piled on leftover spaghetti sauce unto the store-bought pizza base and added on fresh shiitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, tuna flakes, pineapple slices, yellow bell peppers, onion slices, fried garlic flakes and cheese slices with rosemary and pepper to taste. Not bad, our Poppy loved it!

spaghetti sauce cheese slices
Home baked pizza
This is to a year of many firsts! Cheers!

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