Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Being Thankful: Days 146 - 150

It's so weird, I'm losing track of the days and every day I discover more and more outstanding (not mine) work that I need to settle for someone. It really gets tiring when the tasks date back to early 2013 and the business units are chasing me like it was my fault to begin with! So so difficult to walk the talk of being forgiving and professional.

But, I am still thankful for:
  1. my other colleagues who despite their heavier workload (due to the disruption from portfolio change) still offered to help me out. Every day is an overwhelming experience of panic till past 8pm.
  2. learning the little things that will make me self-reliant in future. The downside from my previous role was that I was too reliant on my assistant for certain matters.
  3. the cheque coming right on time. No penalty for my 'almost slip up'.
  4. the e-board training session done and over with. Constructive advise received. Next time (if there is one) I will need to steer the directors conversations back to our training objectives. 
  5. being able to receive criticism and agreeing on it. Surprisingly. Maybe it's part of growing older?
  6. letting go of things out of my control. Leaving work in the office to focus on my weekend!
  7. meeting up with the girls for a healthy vegetarian meal... and then we adjourning for cake! Counter all the goodness in one night! 
  8. getting a bottle of almond butter. Mmm...
  9. our final weekend in Genovasi. Final presentation done. Buka puasa and farewell dinner. Laugh and laugh and laugh.
  10. finally deciding not to go back to office on a public holiday. It was a productive day (in a stress relieving sense). Good early start and finally having the chance to exercise. Quality time with family and the dogs (Meowww! Poppyyyy!).
  11. learning the difference between Registered Shares and Bearer Shares, thanks to filling up HSBC forms. Registered shares have share certificates with the shareholder's name on it whereas Bearer shares don't have the shareholder's name on the share certificate. So anyone who gets hold of a Bearer Share certificate may claim ownership over the shares of the Company. Therefore it is always good practice to execute a share sale agreement, even for transfer of Registered shares.
I think 150 is a good number to stop?

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