Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Being Thankful: Day 47

This post is postdated for Friday, 7 March 2014.

I'm thankful for:

  1. waking up early and being one of the first to arrive at office!
  2. my stash of digestives - saved my rumbling tummy.
  3. being able to fit everything into my bag! And I just found out that it is a ladies backpack - funny but true. Cool!
  4. fun times beginning. The Captain really gave us a lot of laughs - it's really inspiring to see how some people can handle people of all levels so well and with just the right balance of humour, leniency and sternness. Everyone had fun - from the tea lady to our boss.
  5. what we did today at teambuilding:
    • coming up with our team name, totem pole, mascot (yours truly) and war cry - we went from vikings to jolly bunny (because the headgear started looking like bunny ears instead of horns) and had the cutest (in a funny way) war cry that the facilitators kept laughing at! 
    • minefield - test our instructional skills by leading a blindfolded partner across a plastic tupperware minefield. The funniest things were said - apparently a colleague was yelling and pointing in frustration "kaki letak sini! sini!!" (place foot here! here!!) forgetting that her partner was blindfolded and couldn't see where was 'here' was! The way the Captain reenacted it really made me LOL. Seriously.
    • constructing pole - our group failed at this, mainly because the leader did not ask or listen to our opinions on how to construct the PVC pipes into a tall tower held erect only by strings held by the members. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see which leadership styles worked well.
    • hornet's nest - we had to repeat this three times as a combined team. Being one of the smaller lighter ones, I got carried probably around 5-7 times, put through raffia string holes. In the last round, we managed to work as a team and got everyone out of the hornet's nest in an average of under 1 minute per person. Not bad. Again, we were caught saying the strangest things - I don't want this lubang, this hole is too small for me, this is E's lubang, stop putting your finger into the lubang! We all laugh-die when the Captain reiterated our words later.
    • the mole - for the night classroom session we had to complete drawing a maze and at the same time weed out the mole(s) - apparently there were 5-6 around. For some reason, I vaguely remember playing such a game somewhere and figured that the mole was probably a myth. Turns out I was right haha. Our team did not surrender anyone, but the other teams expelled quite a number of their teammates, and one of them was our boss! The excuses given later were hilarious - he/she smiled strangely, he suddenly became talkative, he looked weird, she stood in the corner and didn't do anything, etc. Some were focusing more on catching the mole than the actual task. In the end, our team had only 1 minor mistake in completing the maze, whereas the other two teams had more than 2 major mistakes and a large number of members banished to the jail with funny epitaphs.
It really was a fun day of activities.

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