Friday, January 24, 2014

Being Thankful: Day 5

There's nothing like the little pleasures in life. Today's thankful list:

  1. Found my old Case Logic laptop sleeve and my current new notebook fits it to a tee! I know, stupid happiness... but AWESOME!
  2. Finished my meeting minutes with a minimal disturbance day! One cloud gone over my head.
  3. Received a phone call on my direct line and the lady was asking me whether there are elephants in the Ipoh theme park as her friend from Japan is very interested in visiting!?! Although I'm totally the wrong person to be asking these questions, I was laughing in my head while trying to remember what I saw in the theme park last year during team building! hahaha I have no idea how she got my number! But funnily, after putting down the phone, it made me think of how we project the image of the company through our responses to external stakeholders, although my job function largely revolves around internal stakeholders.

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