Monday, January 20, 2014

Being Thankful: Day 1

As a normal human being, it is not peculiar to feel a little (or a lot) down every once in a while. Been having such feelings quite often lately after the occurrence of a couple of events. Hence, the lack of motivation to complete a blog post, let alone publish it (currently 2 in draft mode for months)!

Some weird idea popped into my mind today while doing the dishes. I've always heard that being intentionally positive on a daily basis is therapeutic. So I'll be trying a new experiment (since it's still the beginning of the year) and hopefully I will stick to the routine - listing down what I'm thankful for on this blog daily!

So here goes!

I am thankful for:

  1. The memory of overhearing a banter between colleagues where one was commenting that he would do such and such work before sending the documents for a particular difficult deputy CFO to sign... and he referred to her as "Ah-(deputy CFO's name)-jie" in the most singsong Chinese slang ever! Like she was his buddy or big sister! Words just can't do justice to how it sounded at that moment in time! Lol
  2. A kind kind soul on the Scratch forum who responded to my plea for help, looked into my Scratch project scripts and helped point out the problem, explained and suggested alternatives to optimise my Scratch project! I'd almost lost hope on perfecting it since almost 3 weeks ago.
I feel a smile coming on already.

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