Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Being Thankful: Day 2

I'm thankful for the laughs I get at work. My colleague accidentally called me "Rose" today and it was loud enough for everyone to overhear! And by reflex another colleague retorted, "Where's Jack?" Lol.

We'd just received a confrontational email (for some reason randomly addressed to me) demanding who I can refer her (Rose XYZ) to as she "wanted to make sure [a particular] bank account was closed". And this executive had to Cc the email to the big bosses! Only now have I learned to appreciate the importance of English for business communication. Every employee should undergo a course on email etiquette!

The long short was that we'd only received the request less than 24 hours ago and the company was not in my portfolio. But the little slip of the tongue incident really lightened the climate of that moment. From feelings of harassment to joking and teasing!

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