Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Trudging Uphill

I used to think that I adapt to changes quite well. But this, by far, is probably the most challenging change I'm trying to acclimatise to. Every day I'm on tenterhooks, half expecting something unpleasant to fall unto me - either something that I could've missed out or done wrongly or forgotten to do.

It is indeed a steep learning curve for me - coming from a position where I had to worry about mainly one company (and its five other dormant subsidiaries) to the current portfolio of 28 companies (yes, some are dormant but many are active companies). In the past, my senior manager would worry about the deadlines and notice period / filing deadlines / timelines, but now I'm the one juggling all this. Honestly, this is the toughest part for me - time management.

For some reason, yesterday I was pretty much at wit's end. I was so ready to give up. I even consulted a few friends on the doubts I had with my capabilities. I really couldn't see why I was literally suffocating with work while other people had time to chit chat and laugh. I felt that maybe I was inefficient. Maybe I was like a blind man feeling my way towards the cliff while everyone watched with glee at the spectacle. Maybe I was not cut out to work in such a "management firm"-style workplace. I even started updating my resume (if that could be considered as a yardstick of my level of motivation).

Funny how things happen at such a timely manner that you begin to believe it could be a sign, a divine sign? Perhaps. Perhaps not. As if there was a little birdie who'd whispered into my bosses ears, today out of the blue both bosses commented that I have a heavy workload. An affirmation that maybe I wasn't doing so badly after all.

As if this wasn't coincidence enough, I received a call from a listed company asking whether I would like to try interviewing for a vacancy. I had not applied for the job. I suspect it was just good timing when I decided to update my resume on Jobstreet and the HR person was browsing profiles. Either way, I don't think I would jump into something similar if I decided for another change.

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