Thursday, December 20, 2012

What if Tomorrow was the Last Day?

So the hype on the Mayan calendar prediction that has been going around for some time is coming to pass (or not) tomorrow. From history to theory to cult to movie to joke to internet sensational news to 9gag trending. Will it turn from prediction to myth? Only tomorrow will reveal the truth.

Personally I don't think tomorrow will be the last day for the world. Biblically it does not jive. And if you're not a believer of the Bible, scientifically it does not jive either. If indeed the end were to come, I believe we would not have such a precise date picked out thousands of years ago by human beings. However, this is my take on the matter.

But, what IF tomorrow was really the last day? What would you do? What would you feel? What would you think of?

Who would you want to see? Would you be looking forward to the end or dreading every moment that brought you nearer? Or would you be indifferent to the end? Would you be able to say that you have no regrets and that you wouldn't change anything in the past?

My answer to all these questions... I wouldn't know how I would react but I believe I would do the expected - spending time with the ones who matter and saying goodbye (see you in the afterlife) and then come to a point where I wouldn't know what to do but wait for time to pass.

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