Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Words, words, words...

I'm fascinated by them. I'm motivated by them. I'm moved by them. I loathe them. I abhor them.

Every day, minute, moment we are faced with them - words. Whether they may be written, verbal or thoughts (yes, I think in words - narrating the visuals in my imagination). So much so that it becomes second nature without us realising it.

I find it hard to believe when someone says that they are not good with words, because it is a major mode of communication (although NLP says that words only account for 7% in communication; the right type of communication is another story altogether) and how else are you supposed to get a specific message through to another human being, besides words. Charades can only go so far.

I can't name a day when I did not have to depend on words. Bad days, good days, fun days, sad days. At work or at play. Awake or in dreams. In praise or in battle.

Today, after another full day of feeling harassed by work (not quite settled into the rhythm yet), I was pretty much mentally tired out but decided to attend the combined prayer meet to pray for Malaysia. These days, many words just slip by me without making much impact or impression. But today, when we were singing Planetshakers' "Nothing is Impossible" during praise & worship, the verses "I'm not gonna live by what I see, I'm not gonna live by what I feel, Deep down I know that You're here with me, I know that You can do anything" spoke to me.

For the past few months, I had been living by what I saw and felt - which was pretty frustrating at times. Emotions were jackknifing off the charts, with some happy moments and many "almost giving up" moments. I had forgotten to trust. To have faith. To pray.

It is getting harder and harder to balance between all the things in life. Sad but true.

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