Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A New Chapter Begins

The Day has come. My first day at another Orange. Funny how I jumped from one orange to another orange, as someone had pointed out.

I was clueless on what to wear, as it would be part of creating a first impression with my new environment. A friend advised to wear pants. I did and although I felt quite ugly, I guess wearing a dress on the first day would have been too "prima dona-ish".

The first thing I did was to report to HR. I'm surprised how fast they could issue my ID card and after that I was brought up to my work station. I was told that orientation would take place on a later date. So I'm actually clueless as to my benefits, proper conduct and company procedures etc.

Verdict: I am surprised at the change in my situation. I'm not in the team that I was made to understand I would be joining. Someone else had taken that spot a week earlier. I'm not too sure what they have planned for me. It's a little daunting to be given a 3-months challenge by the GM on my first day in and given a room to sit in when everyone else of my level are sitting in cubicles in the common area.

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