Sunday, August 05, 2012

11th Sewing Project: Michael Miller Wristlets as Farewell Gifts

As you know, I have a stash of Michael Miller 1-yard fabric pieces purchased online more than a year ago. Although they are so precious to the eyes, I'd have to cut them someday in order for these fabrics to fulfill their destiny of becoming functional items. So what better way to use them than to make gifts out of them!
Initially I'd planned to make 10 pouches/wristlets for all my divisional colleagues, as farewell gifts. However, after thinking it over, I realised that my plan wasn't viable as I doubted I'd have enough willpower to last me through the construction of 10 pouches. So, instead, I bought embellished pens for everyone and planned to sew only 2 wristlets for my SVP and Senior Manager.

As usual, I was too lazy to search for sewing instructions/measurement. So I improvised. Yes, it doesn't always turn out well, but this time... I'd say it was pretty acceptable ;)

Michael Miller Birds of Norway - all cut and ready for assembling

Michael Miller Play Date Goldfish Teal - all cut and ready for assembling

Adding initials - I was undecided on whether to use embroidery, applique or beading. Decided on beading, the easiest! ;)

Finished! I hope they like it!

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