Sunday, June 10, 2012

An Engagement Party

As we grow older, the trends in our circles of friends evolve. And at this point in time, I see in abundance statuses, photos, event invitations, friends' wall messages congratulating them on their recent marriage or engagement whenever I log into Facebook. News of a marriage can become a non-event when you see a new one announced on Facebook every other day. But it really is something else when your close friends start embarking on this part of life's journey.

Last year it was a surreal (but immensely joyful) thing when BC & MC tied the knot - still can't believe that Dr MC is actually a husband now! (more like a budak that BC has to jaga *wink*) hahaha.

Yesterday we attended Solomon & Rebecca's engagement party! And the happy couple didn't even give us a clue that they had set a date till the very end of the dinner! *tricky! and averted our questions summore!* hahaha... Well, we shall join in the happy event in 2012.

The banner that almost got axed because of my busy week (here shown unfinished). Unfortunately I don't have any photos (taken by me) of the engagement party - due to my phone's low battery

In a matter of months, we will see another happy event that has been in planning for over a year (and before that our TRIP!). Hope everyone will be able to make it *pray for cheap flight tickets* :)

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