Saturday, August 06, 2011

God's House Trespassed

Today we heard from Pastor what really happened. It was as what was quoted by him in The Sun newspaper report. I haven't had the chance to search for what other media have been cooking up about the issue. But I can imagine, as this is Malaysia, and the true issue always gets side-tracked and some "smart alec" will raise other unconnected stories that would shift the blame from the perpetrator to the victim.

I truly admire that Pastor has turned down interviews and refuses to get involved in the politics that surround this issue. He reminded us to be mindful of what we comment on this issue in social media and that our words/responses reflect who we are, as part of the Christian community. Therefore, let me just state here that although the event was not a Christian event per se, but entering and harassing the guests without a warrant is inexcusable. The "authorities" have trespassed God's house.

There are many ways to handle a situation. And I believe it is always best to "do unto others what you would like done unto you", in other words, put yourself in anothers' shoes before deciding on your action course. This was a distasteful act by the authorities and undermines our constitutional right to practice our religion.

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