Monday, March 28, 2011

Satan Fabric?

Today is my last day at work. And amidst preparing the weekend news, I was Googling on how to pre-wash Jersey fabric - my next sewing project, tentatively. (Awaiting my fabric shipment from - which includes 2 yards of Jersey to make a dress I found on Burdastyle!)

Anyway... this is what I found:

Satan fabric! LOL (literally did that right in the middle of office)
Clicking into the link, there was some dude who posted a long comment about Satan not being evil and that he would lead us to enlightenment (I mean seriously!?! Does he even know that it was purely a typo error? gee... from sewing to satan worshipping!) hahaha Sooooo many types of people in the world, huh?

Another comment wrote: "you know, i always THOUGHT that polyester was the fabric choice of satan…" LOL!!! Ah, some people really have a good sense of humour!

What a good morning laugh! :)

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