Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Shut That Gab!

Sometimes when I read our local news, I just wan't to lash out in public with unsavoury derogatory words, but I ALWAYS check myself and stop myself from doing so. If I can do it, then why the heck can't 'some people' do it too? Why the hell are all these politicians trying to stir shit? Making patronising, judgemental, racist statements! The reason of all our problems is SO clear but they just talk about it, saying that yes, we should do something about it and pretend to formulate campaigns. But is there any change in mentality? NO. Is anyone giving up their special rights for the better good of everyone else? NO. Do you really want US to be a part of YOUR TEAM? To the press, it is a 'yes', but deep down - NO.

So here lies our problem - this sham of a charade. What kind of leaders do we have - who do/say things just for short-term benefit, but which would have long-term damage. Aren't 'leaders' supposed to be visionaries? I guess that doesn't apply in this part of the world.

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