Monday, November 15, 2010

Bogus Traffic Report

After 5 detours and more than 2 hours on the road, I'm finally home! Let me just detail my time- and petrol-wasting adventure of the day.

Knowing that the rain would cause the 'highway-turned-massive-carpark' traffic phenomenon, well-talked of by Malaysian motorists, I decided to stay back in office and check the LLM Website for traffic updates. NKVE and LDP were reported to have high traffic. I could see the LDP photos to confirm the report, however the NKVE cameras were out, so I was solely relying on their text reports.

At around 7pm, after monitoring the traffic reports for at least 30 minutes, the NKVE reports changed to 'GENERALLY ALL TRAFFIC CLEAR'. So I quickly packed up and left my office, headed to NKVE and got stuck in a bad jam right after taking the toll ticket! After about 5 minutes of practically not moving, I decided to inch my way to the far right and go for the Kota Damansara exit (instead of my targeted Subang Exit). I was heading back towards my office area. So thanks to the NKVE traffic report, I had to pay RM1 (and petrol) to get into a massive jam and end up further from home.

To cut the long story short I then took the LDP, which was pretty clear, then had to make another detour before the 'new' ramp connecting the Subang airport road to USJ because the jam was spilling out everywhere. I took the U-turn back to Glenmarie, Shah Alam (avoiding the notorious Federal Highway) and got caught in another traffic jam around Section U1 or U2, made another 3 detours to finally get on to the road back home.

After 5 detours and more than 2 hours on the road, I feel like I'd just came back from an outstation trip! But it was just from office to home.... but the key word here is HOME. I'm home! Phew!

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