Thursday, November 25, 2010

Imagination Plays in Dream

Yesterday on the way home, the car in front had a portion of a human arm sticking up from the sillhouette of the back seat. At first I thought it was a passenger holding up his hand to text on a phone or whatever. But the hand did not seem to move and looked pretty rigid and finally I saw that there was nothing in the grasp of the hand! That was when I started imagining there was probably a dead body in his rear seats - with rigor mortis, hence the uplifted arm! But let me be clear here that I do not have any proof of what I saw was what I thought it was - it could've very well been a mannequin's arm sticking up.

Anyway, the point of my post is that when I retired to sleep that night, I had a queer dream. We (a bunch of people whom I knew in the dream but none I could identify from among my real-life acquaintances) were at a private party in an old colonial building, wearing clothes from the 1920s. There was the usual pairing off and flirting of some of the guests. And at one point we had to buy some meat.

So, poof, suddenly I found myself in a butcher's shop (not like the Dettol-cleaned supermarket ones). There were packages of sausage and Chinese sausage on the wall racks and chillers with partially frozen packaged meats. I was in there with another girl, who was doing all the talking. She wanted to get some chicken thighs. I was just looking around when I started noticing certain peculiar looking meat cuts on display. And as I was passing one of the chillers, I saw this huge vacuum-packed thing - about 6 feet long - lying on the floor. At first I wasn't able to tell what dead animal it was but suddenly I realised it was a dead man inside the vacuum package. Nearby the plastic-wrapped body, there were human body parts partially butchered to be packaged and sold!

I remember trying to make excuses to my friend (the other girl) so that we could leave the shop immediately but she insisted on staying and getting what she needed. So I told her I'd wait for her outside and walked off trying to look as cool as if nothing had happened (but inside I was freaking out!).

I can't remember much of the rest of the dream after that. Talk about weird morbid dreams!?!

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