Friday, March 05, 2010

Weird Dream - 4th March 2010

Another weird dream.

As usual, there are foggy memories of the dream that I can't seem to summon up now. However, the parts where I can remember began with me sitting in an MPV with an unrecognisable youth and an elder man (whom I know). Something made me feel uneasy although the two of them were trying to chat with me so that I'd feel at ease. I think I asked the man to stop the car but he was trying to calm me down so I opened the door and jumped out while the car was still in motion (but it wasn't moving too fast though).

Since it was night, I had to walk in the dark at some housing area. I walked for perhaps 5-7 minutes and my feet were feeling fatigued (I think I was wearing heels), when I reached some brightly-lit houses with a party going on. There were bunches of young people who were drunk and very touchy-feely, so I skirted past them and somehow ended up in a resort-like place. 

There I met a school friend and she was leading me up a stairwell (to a spa, I think... which is totally weird because I'm not a spa person) when I turned around and saw some suspicious character following us. So I confronted him and he was denying that he was following us but his body language was in a 'fight or flight' stance. By that time, my friend was already up the stairs and didn't know what was happening downstairs. 

That was when my cell phone alarm rang. And I woke up. So there isn't any ending to that story.

I went back to sleep after switching off the alarm and immediately started dreaming again. This time I was walking towards a parked car in a parking lot lit with a football field light. It was still night. And my form 6 friend was beside me. I was feeling dejected because someone (I think it was the elder man from before) had cursed/put a spell on me to turn into a colourful fish. I remember someone pointing out a fish wall plaque to me, indicating what type of fish I'd be. 

With this knowledge stirring in my mind and a satirical tone, I joked with my friend, saying "If I turn into a fish, please put me into water ok?" and gave a cynical laugh. My friend laughed along with me, with a worried sad look in her eyes.

We were still walking toward the car when I saw my dear coursemate in a distance. I waved to her and she reciprocated. We met midway and hugged, both feeling a bit sad but happy that we had bumped into each other. 

Then I woke up because I was going to be late to work. So there isn't any conclusion to the story (again). And that was all I dreamed of.

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