Thursday, March 04, 2010

TM is incredulously daft

While trying to troubleshoot setting up the wireless router at home (thanks to someONE who conveniently left the job to me and traipsed upstairs to bed), I had to login to our Streamyx online account to view certain info. In the end there wasn't any available info that was of use to me.  Instead, I discovered that TM had been cheating us RM10 per month for 3 years!!! For some reason, the Hotspotz zone feature was activated and we had been paying for this service (that we have never once used) for 3 years. I've 'printscreen' the billing summary as seen above and below you will find just how daft TM's system is (but I still have no idea how they started cheating us!)

Lets start the comments from top to bottom.

1. Notice that they mentioned only 3 months payment history will be listed. Notice again what is the first entry in the table below that statement ---> June 2005! And this year is.... 2010! Voila! 5 years = 60 months (which is NOT equal to 3 months)
2. They started billing us extra in May 2007, which means next month is the 3rd anniversary of their cheating scheme!
3. Read their "Note" at the footer of the page: Effective from 1st Sept 2005, customers that has received bill from TM can no longer view subsequent payments made.
This, my esteemed internet provider, is wrong in two different aspects. Firstly, grammatically - the sentence seem to have something unearthly about it and more directly, the underlined words should be substituted with "who have" and perhaps the word "bill" could be more appropriately adjusted to "billing" instead. Secondly, the statement is self-contradictory. We've been receiving our Streamyx bills via snail mail all this while, which according to this statement should invalidate us from viewing our payments history online. So then, what exactly are we looking at in the table above? Phantom payment history?? (couldn't help the sarcasm. Apologies from the author)

And this from a PLC, listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia! TM's international branch of its business recently underwent a major rebranding exercise - they are now known as Axiata. :)

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