Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Of more cheerful stuffs...

Did I happen to mention that I passed two of my four ICSA exam papers? Praise the Lord! I'm overjoyed with my results - I was expecting a scrape through "Pass" but instead, the Lord blessed me with a "distinction" in Corporate Secretaryship and a "merit" in Corporate Governance! It's bizarre because honestly, I thought I'd done really badly in Corporate Secretaryship after walking out of the exam hall!!! Truly by God's grace that I have survived my first 2 papers! Amazing!

So there's just 2 more papers to sit for in early June 2010! These would be the "killer" papers, as everyone terms them. And the ironic part is that I have no idea what I've been learning from the 3 lecturers in charge of these 2 subjects. Ok, to be fair, Uncle Chee did clearly show us how to attempt the calculation questions. But after the classes, I tried scanning through part A of the past year question papers and... I could only answer like, 1 out of 10! This is alarming! I'll be needing plenty of God's grace come June! =)