Thursday, February 19, 2009

Morning Miracle

Although I had set my alarm for 5.45 am, my auto-response (of turning off the alarm while in semi-slumber mode) caused me to over-sleep until it was 6.40 am. When it finally dawned upon my brain that I had overslept, I literally jumped out of bed and started preparing to go to work.

When I was finally on the road, a glance at my car's digital clock showed me that it was 7.20 am (bearing in mind that it's actually 4 minutes slower). I don't know why but for the past few days, traffic has been erratic and it was already starting to build up near the bridge exiting my housing area. I had to inch my way all the way out. Another massive blockage was at the stretch of road near the CSR factory (Cane Sugar Refinery, not Corporate Social Responsibility!).

It was 8.06 am and I was still stuck in Shah Alam! I started praying, switching off the radio to garner full concentration. Asking Him to please please clear the roads so that I won't be too late (being late was inevitable at this stage...).

At first, there wasn't any change in the traffic. I started thinking that maybe God wants to teach me a lesson for sleeping late. After threading through Glenmarie, I reached the NKVE at around 8.15 am. There were quite a number of cars on the highway but not enough to hamper me from sailing up to 100 km/hr on the straight stretches of the road (speed limit is 110 km/hr). When I reached the damansara toll, I was surprised to see it quite empty. Usually it'll be jam packed at that hour (around 8.26 am). Then it dawned on me that God had answered my prayers, which I had hastily said while driving in Shah Alam!

The realisation of this answered prayer really made my day! And although I was 10 minutes late for work, I was glad that I wasn't later than that. This morning miracle started me off on a happy note and that set me in a good mood for the rest of the day! I must confess that I can be a very moody person at times (ok, ok... most of the time)... but I don't go scolding people, I'm more like a clam-up person when I'm not in the right mood.

Praise the Lord for my morning miracle!

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