Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The cats in no black tie

lately, it has been raining every night. it did so on saturday, sunday and even on monday. it was pretty peculiar for me to arrive home last on monday after work - even after LK. and it was even weirder that i thought i heard LK ask me whether i wanted to go to No Black Tie that night. i brushed it aside thinking that he was just informing us he was going out and so we needed to hurry our preparation of dinner.

however after dinner, he asked again... and well, since i've not been to No Black Tie before, i said ok. there was a slight drizzle when we left home. we were going to watch LK's friend's band Cats in Love perform two sets that monday night.

when we were on the kesas, it started to rain like there was no tomorrow. and unfortunately, we were running late... LK was speeding (using my car!) and i was trying my best not to tell him off! i managed to survive not yelling at him to slow down!

we reached there half way through the first set, which comprised their original compositions. i must say that their music is quite diverse: they had rock, jazz, mambo; songs about love, politics, gardener (grass-cutter)... hahaha

and compared to the last time i've seen him perform (that was with samarkand), he was totally wacky! at one point he was asking the crowd "anyone from ipoh?" and then added something that sounded like "ipoh mari kencing tara bunyi" !!! on stage! hahaha

the second set were cover songs - mostly from the beatles. this set was more lively as the bulk of the crowd had come in and everyone was feeling abit more rowdy! hence encouraging the band to rock on harder!

below are the photos i managed to take, they're quite bad as the place was pretty dark and my handphone camera sucks at night shots.

lohan - lead singer, guitar, zul (behind) - bass, reuben - drums

christine - keyboardist

overall, their performance was really tight. i didn't really notice the technical errors until LK pointed them out. and considering that so far i've only heard some of their rough recordings from studio practice sessions, this was really good!

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