Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Driving (Mis)Adventures of SM

although i've been driving for about 5 months now, i still consider myself new to the sport. i only drive when i have to - that is to work and back. it's because i've developed a phobia of parking lots and the art of parking in whole. another thing i'm still edgy about is transporting people in my car! i just don't get it why i feel so nervous when someone else, besides me, is in the car when i drive. i can't drive like when i'm alone and end up proving to my passenger that i'm just bad at driving. when on my own, i think i'm quite ok... considering that i really hated roundabouts when i was taking my driving test 5 years back - my examiner had to break for me!

one thing i hate to admit is squealing a lot on the road. thankfully, only one person has witnessed this - my colleague/friend from uni. i think she was quite shocked by it and kept asking me to stop it! hahahaha... that was hilarious! the more she chastised me, the more freaky i became! i kind of get a kick out of annoying certain people... that's sadistic, i know. but i do it in jest and not with malice.

so, the other day after banking in some cheques at maybank and ambank in damansara utama, i took the wrong lane and ended up heading towards the sprint highway. since the only u-turn i could take was near phileo damansara, i decided to take the federal highway instead of going back all the way to the ldp... BAD CHOICE.

i went through jalan universiti, it was a little congested. however when i turned down to the federal highway near amcorp mall, i screamed in shock! never had i in my minimal driving experiences encountered such traffic jam! i had to nurse my car inch by inch through the congestion, putting up with other impatient road users who kept squeezing into my lane from the left and a few seconds later deciding to throw caution to the wind and speed off on the emergency lane. to my satisfaction, i saw traffic policemen at the end of the flyover, booking those who illegally took the emergency lane. sometimes it is unexplainably satisfiying to see aggressive road offenders getting caught... it reassures us that these bullies don't get away scott free all the time!

i finally turned up to sunway and while turning to the stretch of road in front of pyramid, i nearly got hit by a rapidkl bus! that was scary... i've realised that sometimes you need to drive a little recklessly in order to avoid getting crashed into - if that makes sense...

another thing i've noticed is that drivers of 'old junk cars' tend to drive more recklessly than other drivers (let it be known that this is an objective observation, not biased by discrimination towards old junk cars - as i can personally attest to growing up with my fair share of old junk cars with not so reckless drivers at the wheel). i suspect it is because they feel that there's nothing much to lose even if they crashed their car, so they drive like there's no road rules. of course there's the exception of some drivers, particularly the elderly drivers, who drive their "old as their souls" cars carefully and slowly - these cases are just adorable!

another category of road users are the big luxury car drivers. they tend to push their weight on other cars of lesser value. not every luxury car driver adopt this attitude, but most of the big flashy bmw drivers tend to have this attitude pattern... and just a couple of notches below this category are the heavily modified car drivers. they tend to go "vroom vroom" at every traffic light stop and then proceed to exhibit their heavily modified car's inability to accelerate (due to whatever engine modification they did in order to create that bassy gutteral rave sounds). sometimes i feel like giving him a chummy pat on the back and say "dude, you're overtaxing your engine... " (although i know nuts about car engines)

now, back to another habit i have while driving. i tend to pep talk to myself... "girl, don't drive so fast... slow down, slow down girl... let that aunty pass, ok... girl, don't let that idiot chase you... girl, faster cut that car!... say thank you, girl... ". what can i do? i'm always driving alone... it gets abit lonely at times. so as a defence mechanism to prevent my idle brain from going bonkers, i need to entertain myself by self communication! ahahaha... (you must be thinking that that's one lame excuse for talking to myself! and you're right!)

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