Thursday, December 08, 2005

NLDS 2005

i'm back from the 5 days NLDS 2005 camp in UKM, Bangi!!! we had a 2 days pre-camp before that to prepare some roll calls and square dance and also the little sketch... i'm feeling very lazy to regurgitate all the details now... so i think i'll just type whatever comes to mind...

pre camp preparations... sketch

some parts of the camp were pretty boring... some "lectures" in aiesec university... except sandy's communication class and christopher's presentation class... the rest were mediocre and sad to say the worst was stella's (probably because of her tone of voice and her slang...)

there were lots of square dancing... and this might be a little embarrasing to say, but UM people are really "syiok sendiri" people (me included... hahaha) coz everytime there's a square-dancing session, all the UM people will rush down to the stage and join in!!! our square dance was the new madonna song (that sounds very very 80's!!! err... yuck... but hey, it's catchy!). ours was the most "laid-back" dance, but at least its easier to dance!!! i really enjoyed watching the utm dance... some chinese song... their moves were real funny too... especially when this guy chee sheng did it (he's in the same mock lc as i am... this guy has lots of flamboyant ideas!!!)

the first night was the gala dinner night... and we were in the bus and we passed the ukm main dewan (dewan tun abdul razak, i think) and we thought "wow, what a grand reception" (there were some ppl in baju melayu waiting for VIP or something like that) but turns out, our dinner was in another hall (equivalent to komplex perdanasiswa or maybe ours is better... it was a badminton court of some sorts)... hahaha... anyway, as expected, the moment the VIP speech was done everyone rushed to get the "food"... i think i'll never really get to fathom why malaysians have to react that way to free stuff and food!!!

global village was on the 2nd day... we performed our sketch... i was the magical tree at the end of it... and when i emerged, sook yeng and ban yee started shouting my name... really caught me by surprise!!! haahaha... then we had to change into our traditional costumes... i wore baju kebaya... our booth, brazil, was quite pathetic...

we had this far and away game... we were split into 2 groups and my group was away (workers) and we had to stand in a line where there were 2 halves facing each other... we really tired our faci jessica by shooting her with all sorts of questions when all she could tell us was we couldn't do anything except to wait for instructions from far (thinkers)... things really heated up to a certain degree... and actually everything would've been fine if we just shut up and wait for instructions!!! but far finally came and we managed to solve the game...

we had simulation on day four... and i was in the issue-based project which comprised of me, fion and chee sheng... and we overplanned our project to the fine details... all the while we thought we weren't ready but actually we were well passed done!!! our issue was corporate responsibility and our topic was "are tobacco companies who do alot of charity work socially responsible?" and somehow we connected that with an anti smoking campaign named "No More Black Lungs!"... we planned an exhibition of smoker's damaged organs and free lungs consultations (is there such a thing???) and our endorser was cancerlink (i was only vaguely sure that it existed... no one could confirm it coz they'd never heard of it... but we went for it anyway... and turns out it does exist!) and well, we planned the TN's schedules and promo places and many other details... in the end, nothing quite came out of it... and we were getting really panicky and stressed out! hahaha... i got to see how people handle stress.

we had a halloween party too... i dressed as a hawaiian girl... didn't dare to wear the hula skirt so i lent it to li sum... wore the lei though, but it made me itch, so i took it off in the end... there was a cross-dressing thingy too... but only the guys did it... our 3 UM representatives wore japanese costumes to look like geishas... but we didn't win anything...

conclusion... xcapade was more intense and fun... but NLDS was good too... coz it's really hard to please everyone when the event is on such a large scale... delegates from UM, UPM, UKM,
UUM, USM, UTM, TBS, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia...

Mock LC Brazil a.k.a Erotica! (MNC delegates not included...)

violet people = UM people... me, yen chyng and poh yee

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