Saturday, March 19, 2005

Nice blue skirt...

went to megamall today. got stuck in massive jam everywhere. in the carpark, car died many times... suspect engine over-heating. finally had to fight for a parking place.

went to dome for lunch. prawns in my creamy seafood pasta were not fresh. cranberry cooler was refreshing. walked around in metrojaya. saw nice clothes but they couldn't fit me. aunt bought a play thing a.k.a bolster for zack.

cousin played racing computer game in concourse area of mall. went to guess, elle, etc. i was looking for a short skirt... the kind with pleates all around... didn't find any to my liking or that could fit me well. finally bought one blue floral skirt from voir. normally i can't find anything nice there... but this skirt is just so sweet! and it matches prodigiously with my miss selfridge top!!!

after that, met up with LK. had dinner at esquire kitchen with LK, mum and aunt. went back after dinner.

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