Thursday, June 15, 2017

Solo Trip

Last week I took my first solo trip to Singapore for a series of exams. On one hand I was weary to try something new during a stressful situation. However on the other hand, I was excited to test myself and it was a good opportunity to do so.

To cut the long story short, I survived. And I learned some new things along the way, mainly talking to strangers. To sum up what I did for the first time:-

1. Slept alone in a hotel room
2. Sat right in front for my Uber rides
3. Tried Singapore bak kut teh
4. Made a new friend from the exams
5. Brought my laptop overseas - but it kind of started falling apart after the flight
6. Dug information from my Uber drivers and found out it is much more regulated in Singapore, where the cars need to be registered for commercial use

Although if given a choice, I would not travel alone but I now know that I can manage by myself (at least in an English speaking country) and that with proper planning and willingness to talk to strangers, it can turn out to be an interesting experience.

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