Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Raya weekend and the impressionable experiences

While our Muslim friends celebrate Hari Raya, the rest of the nation joins in the festivities with a good long weekend of rest. The upside of being in Malaysia is the holidays we have for our multi-cultural society and at the same time learn about other cultures and practices.

For me, this weekend was about meeting people. The best was today's meetup with the HCBs, almost cancelled but crystallised yesterday. Although not everyone could come, we had a good catch up as usual. And of course the baby was the main attention grabber! Second generation of HCBs haha

However, the other two planned meetings with new people didn't turn out too well. I actually had hopes for the first meeting but I guess it was not meant to be and the experience actually affected me mentally until the next day. I was troubled that what was supposed to be a potential 'safe place' was rather unwelcoming and from the leader, no less. Anyway, I will not lose faith and try to look for another group. I guess I had set up some level of expectation based on my past experiences. And finding it quite different from what I imagined was a slap in the face.

For the second meeting, it was... how would I put it... an 'experience' to remember! I think I could compile all these moments of awkwardness and actually write a book! I really don't know why and how I get into such situations. And I've come to realise that I can get pretty numb (feelings-wise) unconsciously. It's like "come what may" or in Malay, "muka tebal". In just a matter of hours, I became (or what felt like) a specimen, foreigner, potential customer, experiment and to top it all, I was prophesied upon! I don't know what to say or think. I'm just glad I had a friend with me and my language barrier was a blessing in disguise. Note to self: listen to my gut feeling before accepting any invitation and I should learn to say 'No'.

So yeah, 2017 is turning out to be an interesting year indeed. What's up next??

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