Monday, January 23, 2017

The week that was

Today this blog is 12. And it's just another 5 days till the Lunar New Year. And another 3 days for my annual obligatory post. Time really is chasing me. The weekend is gone and I still feel like I haven't had my weekend!

But first, to recap the week that was.

  1. Finally registered with IRM - the challenge for 2017 starts. I need to do this well. I must pass or else I'll be tied down indefinitely and on my own expenses.  
  2. The session I was dreading from the previous week did not take place. Thank God! I sudah insaf, I akan try harder!
  3. Resolution to start spring cleaning achieved! I've noticed that my energy is infectious, as in I need to initiate things and then others will follow suit. For example, I started cleaning and then mum got into the mood as well. Last month when I made the rare cheese tarts, mum got excited about baking again and we baked a banana cake (which unfortunately was not worthy to mention).
  4. Rather unexpected heart-to-heart with a friend. It is always pleasant to reconnect with friends from the past.
  5. Mind over fear. Managed to go through all the agreements with our partners in two sittings and I think I'm ready for this week's meeting with IO. This time it was less intimidating as I had established where to begin my review, the last round I did last year, so it wasn't like shooting blindly in the past. But it was still a headache (literally ache in the brain) to read through lists and counter-check with scancopy agreements and email correspondences. Glad the hard part is over.
  6. Found out some amusing information which I wanted to know but was too bashful to dig deeper. Sometimes it's beneficial to have kepochi friends in your circle - they do the digging for you even though they have no clue about your interest.
  7. My Sephora primer and original beautyblender arrived! Previously I've never really believed that a primer makes any difference, since I don't wear heavy makeup, but I have been converted! It feels so smooth upon application and it really does help with oil control and my makeup (how ever minimal) lasts longer. After watching Jefferey from Sephora's video, I was educated in the science of primers. It's like ball bearings between the skin and the foundation, which allows the skin to move and minimises the foundation from becoming cakey. As for the beautyblender, it's my first time using a sponge to apply foundation but so far it's been quite good and I hope it'll help save my precious Academie foundation in the long run. Plus it's amusing to see the beautyblender 'grow' under running water - like those sponge dinosaurs in a capsule thingies. However, my beautyblender took 2 days to shrink back to its original size. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be that slow.
original beautyblender
Sephora Smoothing Primer & Original beautyblender

grow large sponge
Beautyblender - before (left - small) & after (right - big after soaking in water)
  1. Nearly got hit by a white Nissan 4WD while crossing the road to my office carpark. The crazy driver was beating a red light (in a residential area!). Thank God I had the presence of mind to look again to my right while two-thirds across the road, although I knew that it was a red light for the head-on traffic. Managed to take my last two quick steps to reach the road divider before the fiend zoomed pass behind. Plus, I was balancing my umbrella as it was a rainy day! I was really mad at that moment, but as I reached my car I praised God for not becoming roadkill and that I am still here today typing this post. This is the first time in my life I've been so close to such danger.
  2. Still having some occasional bad coughs and again I can feel my stamina is down. My daily 'skip the elevator and walk up' was taxing but I still did it to train my lungs back to my good health self. Let's hope the recovery will be complete by next week.
  3. Heard a rather sad news of an office scandal. I know it is common, but in my working life, this is only the second time I have heard of infidelity confrontation brought open in the office grounds. I have observed from the two cases that it is always the amiable charming ones which are caught in this dilemma. I guess it is better that I don't hear of such gossips so often, else it would greatly reduce my faith in trusting that everyone I meet is good.
  4. Had a tiff with a colleague from another department. I really can't understand anxious people who expect me to be a clairvoyant or omniscient about things that I am not copied in. And to expect me to skip the governance controls to meet your deadline when my department's function is to be the gatekeeper for governance? I am not deliberately imposing red tapes, but you need to sort out your commercial issues with the vendor before any agreement can be finalised and signed off. What is the point of getting the agreements signed by the bosses and then re-negotiating the terms later? Who's head would be on the chopping board when the bosses ask why legal had OK-ed the agreement for signing? 
  5. I thought I had escaped the new year BBQ, but it seems there's a CNY BBQ in the planning! Omg, I need to make appointments fast! Or maybe I should just be open and give it a try.

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