Friday, May 22, 2015

When your rejection comes biting you in the derriere

I was discussing with a friend recently about our decisions to say NO to certain opportunities. Although we both felt that we'd made the right choice, there was this inevitable wistfulness of "what if". I knew that I'd regret my decision on a bad day. But I didn't know that that day would come so soon.

Somehow the problems always surface when someone goes on leave. Even when I'm on leave, office calls will interrupt my day. Makes me wonder whether I'm taking on more responsibilities than my pay grade? And why are the expectations placed on me so high compared to other staff of my level?
Regrettably, I must say that my experience here has been peppered with flip flop decisions, false promises, unrealistic expectations and blatant discrimination. These are harsh words but today, all the events which I'd whitewashed from my memory came rushing back when it was insinuated that I was not doing my work.

Let me ask then, "Why the hell have I been working till 8pm, 9pm and sometimes past 10pm almost everyday since August last year?" You can check the access card logs if this is such a lie. Do you honestly think I like staying back this late in office, missing dinner and endangering my personal safety and health? And for what? To be accused of not helping out.

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