Friday, May 15, 2015

Killer Shoes

faux suede shoes hard
My H&M faux suede pumps
I've been having this insatiable itch for shoes lately. I've bought 6 pairs in the past couple of weeks and haven't had the chance to officiate them all yet. It started out with 2 pairs of heels that I was supposed to use during the weekends, then 3 pairs of flats for daily office use and the most recent, a black pair of kitten heels for official purposes.

I was really happy when I got the last pair (pictured above) as I've been looking out for a suitable pair of black pumps to use for board meetings and interviews and such. I tested it out on a Monday and it literally killed my feet just walking from the car park to my office building! Don't get me wrong, it looked good on my feet but it gave me such a burning laceration before I was well into my 10th step.

And to make things worse, the day was an important deadline for the completion of a certain event (which required running around to get all the documents signed for the advisers to sight)! This is when I am soooooo.... thankful I keep a spare pair of shoes in my room! Totally saved the day for me, although I clip-clopped running from floor to floor.

I thought that my hard work albeit the vain discomfort was well worth it, but in the end the deadline was postponed after getting everything in order! Lesson to learn: don't be too efficient! What a waste! And the painful reminder came when I had to walk back to my car in the new shoes. As the Chinese saying goes, "oi leng moi mang" or something that sounds like that (excuse the banana) where it carries the meaning of wanting beauty but it comes with pain (I think). Never thought I would be caught in such a vain situation and having to admit it to my colleagues! haha Oh well, I guess I'll have to use the "female card" this time.

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