Sunday, April 05, 2015

Reading too much into things?

When someone keeps popping up in your path, is it coincidence or deliberate? Circumstances do warrant for crossing of paths but when you hear from a third party that this person has been discussing your employment status with another boss, the only question is "Why?".

The closest encounter I have had was an internal interview from last year where I couldn't see myself taking on the role in his office, so I declined politely. During the interview, this person had hinted that there would be a high chance of promotion as the role directly reported to him. Perhaps now that the increment and promotion letters are out, he was curious why I was still where I am. Nevertheless, my status should not be of any concern to this person since I do not work for him. So the question again, "Why?" and why talk to someone unrelated to my department who would've been the last person to suspect that I'd been shortlisted for an internal interview?

And to hear it from another colleague means that a vine has been created.

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