Sunday, March 01, 2015

The Dress - I see Blue and Black!

So this dress has broke the Internet.

viral broke internet
Screenshot of the dress
I first saw this dress on my FB feed where Business Insider had an article on it and then few posts down, Mashable had covered the same dress. I clicked the link out of curiosity from the title "dress" and "viral". What was the big deal with this dress? It doesn't even look stunning or professionally taken.

No matter how I look at it - at different angles, different devices, different screen brightness, different distances, refreshing the page - I still see it as blue and black! And not a hint of white and gold! I sent the link to one of my group chats and some saw it as white and gold while most of us saw blue and black. A slew of debate followed.

I showed it to my family and they saw it as white and gold. This was getting a bit creepy. We can't trust our eyes now?

Long story short, the real dress was indeed blue and black, according to the reports. It is plain to see that the lighting in the photo was dubious and it seems to be washed out (overexposure). Many versions of explanations popped out and I'm not too sure which is true - left/right brain activity, sensitivity of rod and cone receptors on our retinas, split second decision of the brain. Apparently in one article, 3/4 saw the dress as white and gold while the rest saw blue and black.

Funny how non-important stuff like this can garner such a crowd in a short span of time. For the record, I see the dress as blue and black, 100% of the time!

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