Monday, May 27, 2013

Wearing a RM15 Blouse to a 7-Star Resort

Although my current job doesn't entail much glamour and is in fact very tedious, I must admit that my portfolio has allowed me to travel a little more than my other colleagues. Yes, day trips are tiring but they have been a whole new experience to me.
Today I attended a meeting in one of our 7-star hotsprings spa and retreat in Ipoh. It was a last minute meeting due to some earlier complications. At first, the plan was to have a brief meeting during lunch time but over the weekend, the plan had developed into a courtesy call and lunch at the retreat afterwhich we would have our meeting.

So as a tag-along, and part of doing my job, I had to join the fine dining lunch with the VIPs. Obviously I was quiet throughout the lunch but interesting stories I did hear. And for once, I got to experience the event organising that was thrusted unsuspectingly upon me. 

For the three-course meal, we had (I had the decency enough not to snap photos at the table, so this is what I could remember offhand):-

Starter - citrus pomello with bean sprout, pink ginger flower, green tea matcha dressing, wrapped in moist rice paper and garnished with cilantro and thin ginger slices. There was a red sourish sauce drizzled in concentric circles on the base of the plate, probably some tomato or fresh unadulterated berry puree. 

Main - grilled sea bass with curry reduction sauce and baked tomato slice and shitake mushrooms on a bed of stewed onions/finely shredded cabbage.

Dessert - chilled crispy black rice parfait with blueberry, drizzled with vanilla and raspberry sauce with a thin crispy crepe dotted with black rice grains.

The French chef actually came out for a courtesy call to the VIPs at our table but I'm afraid the VIPs did not notice him. Oh well, my verdict on the fine food - a bit too bland for my taste buds, but they were very pleasing to the eyes. I guess I am still the hawker food girl. Fine dining is too fine for me? I have yet to appreciate this sort of culinary art.
And I still can't believe I was wearing my new RM15 top bought the day before from Kenanga Wholesale City Mall. At least I unconsciously ended up in matching colours with the directors and senior management attendees - blue.

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