Friday, March 22, 2013

Volcano pimples

In the past 2 weeks, I had on my face an epidemic of huge "volcano" pimples which kept popping up one after another. And although it's gross to be explaining it in detail, it is a must to paint the impact in your mind (as the reader).

The volcano pimples weren't very painful, thankfully, but the pus in it would not go away. Even after puncturing it at its ripest, the pus would accumulate again as if there was a neverending source of the whitish dead lymphocytes.

Initially I thought my body was 'heaty' and also due to the timing of the month, but no after-evidence provided proof confirming my speculations. However, one thing different was the level of stress at work I was facing on a daily basis due to three urgent assignments on top of the other workload that kept pouring in. Honestly it was a shit week and this week still is!

I tried using the 3M pimple patch thing twice but there wasn't much improvements. Maybe it did help to pop the pimple and also absorb some pus but in short, the pimples did not vanish overnight or even after a few days.

Funnily, and it's a little sadistic to feel so, today my colleague showed me her face and was jokingly complaining of the stress and the huge pimples popping up! And I replied by showing the aftermath of my volcano pimples and agreed that I understood how it feels to be chased by the boss incessantly!

So I am not alone in this breakout!

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