Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Out From The Cave Comes A Polka-dotted Human

The weekend away in Ipoh has come and gone with me chalking up a couple of first-time experiences. And although the adventure ended with me having an allergy shot in the butt, I really did enjoy this trip.
So what were the first-times for me?

1. Teambuilding
2. Spelunking (cave exploration - Six Mile Tunnel)
3. Acting out as Angry Birds (and this, recorded on video!)
4. Soaking in hot water from a hotspring
5. Lost World of Tambun (finally seeing the premises of what I've been working with for the past few months)
6. Funny Mountain (after hearing a lot from BC about this taufu fah place, I finally tried it. Verdict: Ok lah, really smooth but I don't get what the hype is about)
7. Eating salted chicken (Verdict: Ok lah, nothing too special! haha)
8. Getting hives all over my body (I've never seen so many tiny red dots on my extremities before and itching all over! My ear lobes were inflame and all the while I assumed they were sunburnt! Thank God my face was spared! Doctor said I had too good an immune system - wanna slap him, still wanna make joke of the suffering polka dotted human being *doosh*)

The whole trip was fun. The teambuilding facilitators were really good - more games than classroom sessions. And we really did see how well certain teams worked together, i.e. my team "Green Chilli"! Don't mean to boast or anything (yeah right!) but we won best team overall with the highest scores and Yours Truly was the reluctant elected group leader (forced upon after a twist of events coined up by the facilitator). And just for the record, I did get to talk/work with a certain someone, whom I've always thought looked like one of my better looking cousins, and yeah... a bit too kiasu lah! hahahaha Looks can be deceiving!

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