Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10th Sewing Project: ZigZag Bag

Quite some time back I'd bought a whole bunch of textile from Fabric.com. Honestly, I have only used the jersey material of the whole lot. So after many months of mental planning and procrastination, I finally had the will and time to start off on a new project.

Raw materials for my ZigZag Bag

Inspired by a Kate Spade striped bag, I decided to draft out a tote bag - hoping that it would turn our tolerable. I was working with a zig zag print canvas-like material and thick satin as lining. This project taught me that not only is it difficult to hand sew canvas, it's also hard on the sewing machine!

First time experiencing the need to change the sewing machine needle
To cut the long story short, I finished sewing the body of the bag in two days, however summing up the will to sew on the straps took me more than a month to do so. Finally after last weekend's free time, I finished the bag! (was too lazy to take a photo of the finished product - only have the 80% completed one)

Just imagine the straps sewn on!

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