Monday, December 26, 2011

My Christmas Miracle

The year-end has been relentless. What with the last few Board/Board Committee meetings to round the year up and the scramble to meet our divisional KPIs and getting sick twice within a span of about two weeks. The first - thankfully everything worked out fine albeit the unavoidable visits by Murphy.
The second - there is a limit as to what we can claim as achieved. Although my draft amendments of all the 11 Terms of Reference are done, there was a lack of time to review them for tabling to the Board - and therefore KPI not achieved.

The last - getting the full-cycle flu TWICE. I had to break my record of no visits to the doctor for 2011 - two times! I was wondering what had happened to my memory cells - but of course, it could've been a different virus strain altogether. The second time I got sick, I had recurring fever/chills for 5 days until I couldn't stand it anymore and had to see the doctor. Thankfully Dr Lim was attending - he said I had acute exudative tonsillitis i.e my tonsils were inflamed and there were sacs of white pus on the surface. [For a moment, memories of Basic Immunology flooded my mind's eye - pus is actually dead white blood cells; which is a sign that your body is fighting back i.e immune system is working!] I didn't know it was that bad until I went home, shined a flashlight into my mouth cavity and gaped in the mirror - the sight frightened me and I vowed to take my doctor's advice of no more spicy or fried foods!

I'll admit that although the sore throat had started on Saturday, I unwittingly had spicy food almost everyday after despite the extreme hot and cold spells I went through a few times a day. Of course that exacerbated the whole problem. I had to miss grandfather's memorial. Christmas was coming up and here I was with three days prescription of Zithromax (which churned my stomach like a washing machine! So glad I didn't have to take it during office hours - the side effects would have crowned me the "Farter Queen" hands down!). My last dose was on Christmas Eve and there wasn't any change in the white streaks on my tonsils plus I was losing my voice. I just wanted to be able to eat properly on Christmas Day. All I wanted for Christmas was for the white spots to go away. But as I went to bed that night, my throat was still very painful and the pus glowing with its whiteness at me as I peered into the mirror image of my mouth.

Christmas morning I woke up and could smile without feeling 'rusty' - strange. Gape at mirror and it's gone! Absolutely no more white spots! From being really streaky to streakless! Praise the Lord! I guess Zithromax did its job - but this much change, this fast? Marvelous. Could even sing the carols at the Christmas Day 2nd celebration service.

So at the end of the day, I got to eat my Christmas dinner - two servings (although it was mostly Mum's salad - "must show support mar!!!") and THAT was my Christmas Miracle.

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