Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Being Blur or Intentional?

I know this person whom I've grown to be close with at one point in time and now this person irritates me with every other sentence said. Why? I don't know why... but I suspect its because after a momentous turning point, I developed a prejudice against this person. Somewhat like 'once bitten, twice shy'.

I guess this happens when you discover someone has infringed on your privacy, a.k.a over-stepped the boundaries of friendship. Although this boundary is not always clearly defined and may vary from one individual friendship to another, from all the time spent together, the two parties to a friendship should already know the extent of this boundary - without having to actually spell it out!

It's funny how this person knows exactly which button to push. And it is always with the intention of digging for information on what I've been doing without this person, or deliberately (or if it isn't deliberate, then it's premature senility) asking for information which was already provided earlier. I don't know whether it is because this person wants to double check whether I was telling the whole truth or what. Before the 'turning point', there was never this 'enquiry pretence' going on with us.

To be honest, I really don't need this insecurity or stalking fantasy or whatever-it-is-called from a friend. What right has this person have to be probing my every comment on Facebook or messenger status?

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