Monday, April 13, 2009

Stopping By After A Month

this past weekend was one out of the ordinary. it was Easter. it was dad's birthday. it was the deadline of my first icsa assignment.

mom and i went for the first night of our church's Easter musical on friday straight after work. although we had to trundle through the puddles in the rain, it well was worth it! i'd forgotten how moved i could get at Easter. honestly, i've been pretty numb for the past few Easters. sometimes when you celebrate something annually, it kind of becomes a routine. i don't know what made this year different... i guess it was God's hand... seeing Jesus on the cross, his lifeless body being lowered with aid of a white cloth... right before the message... something just stirred within... i almost (but didn't) cry (and luckily it was all dark at the time!).

this year we had the donkey again... he (or she... i didn't think of finding out) was a white and brown patchy chap, which i met while walking into the ground floor seating. i'm not too sure he was a donkey, mule or poney... but he was one really well-behaved equin - not shocked by the loud music and singing (and with his large large velvety ears!). the props were simple this year, mostly aided by the screen backdrop - which i think is a really good idea. i discovered a couple of other surprising things (which are not worth mentioning here...).

i wished we could have gone for all three days, but we only went for the friday and sunday presentations. i'd invited a couple of friends and my colleagues... but i don't think any of them went :(

dad's birthday was a little of a let down - someone promised to join us for dinner and didn't turn up or even call (until we had finished dinner). we had dinner at dome...

my icsa assignment has been giving me sleepless nights for the past 2 weeks or so. i took my first ever leave 2 fridays ago, just to get some serious work done. that weekend turned out to be a marathon no sleep and straight to jamiroquai concert stint. after that, i could actually see the pimples bursting out in full force! and a certain visitor did not come on the stipulated date - she came a week late! my assignment on strategic and operations management was challenging as i was totally clueless (and not much enlightened now either) on what to write and how to write (jargons).

it was a case study of reebok and i had to analyse and suggest a strategy for them. i finally finished my draft on monday and had to make my maiden drive to brickfields to hand it in. that was a scary drive and we kind of lost our way back to pj. it was surprising that the lecturer marked my draft in a day and the next day i had to collect it from the college. i finally completed my assignment on saturday night and dropped it in college on sunday - putting an end to the constant worrying! finally it is over!

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