Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big Brother is watching you!

I came home fired up to blog about something i feel strongly about, however, getting my laptop updated to windows xp sp3 and installing windows live messenger has taken too long that half of the fire has been extinguished!

sometimes silly little things can create such intense feelings. i discovered two things today which had this impact on me. being a silly naive person, i've always trusted people whom i've known personally. to be honest, i don't know the extent of validity of the two situations, but if it is true then my feelings of being violated is very real indeed.

some people may find it such fun to play pranks on others by recording them secretly or tapping into their private going-ons. however, it is not so amusing when you are the victim. call me petty, but i really despise it when a person infringes on my privacy, taking it lightly as if my rights were insignificant!

well, i guess this happens everyday to everyone (conscious or unconsciously) and as a normal unimportant being, i'll just have to get over this and watch what i say in the future... however, my trust in the person(s) have gone to the dumps and shall never be regained. people are just so fake! imposters!

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