Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I just won a Sony Ericsson W800i?

So... on saturday night, i registered for the channel [V] bid it contest via sms... and that took up quite alot of my credit because they didn't reply prompt enough and that resulted in me sending them an extra sms... started bidding for the sony ericsson w800i on sunday... first bid was rm4.27 and it was unique but not the lowest... then i followed LK's suggestion to bid at rm2.26... same result - unique but not the lowest... so i waited till about 5 p.m. and my itchy hands just couldn't resist sending another bid (btw, each time an sms is sent, they'll reply and that reply costs 50 cents and sometimes they reply in more than 1 sms!!!)... and that was disasterous... had to send another 3 bids and all was not unique and not the lowest... then in a last attempt to redeem myself (i panicked), i bid my last bid for rm2.27 (dared not cancel myself out with the rm2.26 bid) and it was unique but not the lowest... i decided to stop because i was running out of credit, plus i realised that i was sort of gambling... not a good sign... i think i might have the potential of being a gambler... i must one day sit down with myself and ruminate the matter (sounds like a cow... maybe i am. haha)... anyway i just left it as that... since i have never won these kinds of things... didn't even bother to check my status because my credit was only about rm1+

this morning, i was awaken by my phone's sms alert (probably around 10 a.m. or so) and surprise!!! congratulations ... your bid is lowest and unique... answer the question in the next sms... i answered it after calling LK for confirmation... the question was: robbie williams is from take that... and we were debating about whether the "is" is a trick... it should be "was", right? anyway i answered yes and i won the phone!!! but i still can't believe i won it... i mean its a phone which costs almost 2k!!! i wouldn't even dare to dream about getting one!!! but praise God!!! He never fails to amaze me!!!

so i went ont the net to look at the phone and and suddenly while i was staring at it, my phone rang and the channel [V] guy asked for my address and astro account no. ... they had to verify whether the account was still active... and after many hours of waiting (okla...i did some other stuff... read my TITAS book and made lunch... played around with the dog...)... at about 6p.m. i received another call and he said that they'd have to send the name list of winners to hong kong and that they'll contact me later to arrange the collection of my prize... so ends the exciting part of my day!!!

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