Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Don't understand the words

Today seemed to have passed by so quickly. I'd slept at 3am reviewing the Limits of Authority, which was supposedly due last Friday. I kept thinking why does the LOA come under us when we aren't the operations or finance team. So my comments were purely based on my logic and what I imagine of the possible operational scenario. Having to think it from the standpoint of a separate entity from the group made everything complicated. Couldn't help being legalistic, what with borrowing manpower from the group and shouldn't there be a management agreement for provision of the shared services functions? What about professional indemnity for the decisions we make as employees from a separate entity? Seems like I'm thinking of more ways to spend money than saving resources. Anyway I quit the ouroboros before it was branded in my brain and I'm just glad I submitted it by 10am.

Also quite happy that my appraisal is done and my feedback on my team member is completed. In fact I managed to close quite a few tasks today as opposed to last week's scramble to clear backlog. Got some pats on the back too.

I may have been a bit light headed from lack of sleep but when I was driving back, I had to switch radio channels because BFM had a football commentary programme, and I ended up with one of the popular stations. For some reason I just couldn't catch what the lyrics were for three consecutive pop songs. The tunes were alright but the words were some lagg-ey gibberish. I don't know if it's a new trend of singing style or I'm just too used to the classic stuffs.

Pretty worrying I'd say, soon I won't be able to understand the youngsters' talk. Somewhat like Newspeak in Nineteen Eighty-Four. 😂

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