Saturday, June 25, 2016

Computer Problems Round 1 (Error Code 0xc0000034)

Around end of 2015, I had run into some problems when installing a Windows 8.1 update on my personal laptop (HP Envy Touchsmart). The installation was stuck at 82% the night before and when I woke up the morning after, it was still stuck at 82%. As I had to rush off to work, I forced quit my laptop (I know, such a "girl" thing to do) and I paid dearly for that mistake - blue screen of death!
Since I got this laptop in 2013, this was the first time I had experienced the BSD. The error code was 0xc0000034 and after trying the available troubleshooting options, I just gave up for the day. Restoring the system to an earlier date didn't work. Neither did the repair function work, because my backup OS was stored on a partition drive, which the computer told me was locked and couldn't be accessed. Since I had a work laptop, my quest to fix this issue wasn't so pressing. And the problem persisted for about a month or more.

After googling for solutions and trying out the safer ones (which did not work), I had to resort to Command Prompt. Even this, for me, was intimidating. So basically, the following were the steps I took to resolve the problem:-

  1. Click "Advanced options" in the Troubleshoot screen
  2. Click "Command Prompt" and a window with black background will pop up
  3. Type the following and press enter after each line of command:-
For my case, after doing this and rebooting my computer, it worked and I had a functional laptop again. Thank goodness for Google, Microsoft forum pages and having a backup laptop!

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