Saturday, December 06, 2014

A Hair Cut Means More Than A Haircut?

Over the Merdeka weekend (many moons ago) I had a haircut. Cutting off quite a length, deviating from my usual trim. I'd planned to cut it short for some time but procrastination and lack of time had hindered my resolve to carry through.

So finally I did it. And strange feedback I had received. Not from a bad haircut but from the implication of a drastic change in hairstyle.

LK had commented before that he could tell from Facebook photos when a girl had broken up - a drastic change in image. A colleague had said a similar thing - cutting hair short as a sign of a new life.

In a way it was. A new start (at that point in time). A new hairstyle for a new rebranding and new opportunities. Forgetting the past and moving on. It is hard to actually forget, especially in the mind, but it is an outward effort to close the book. And right in so doing.

Well, actually... cutting my hair was to lessen the shock of finding so much hair dropping everyday! ;) Nevertheless, it can serve for both purposes.

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