Saturday, August 16, 2014

Black Dogs

The annoying thing about having black dogs is:

  1. they keep purposely tripping you at night by running in front of your legs when you're walking in the garden.
  2. accidentally kicking them when using the staircase (because the dog MUST sit in a dark corner of the wooden steps all the time).
  3. keep sitting on them when you decide to fall on the sofa for a nice rest.
  4. you can't see their eyes - whether they're open or closed or staring at you. Only brown smudges of eyebrows can be seen from afar.
  5. black fur looking like armpit hairs sticking all over your clothes and possessions. I have to self-explain myself every time before someone misinterprets.
  6. you can't tell if they're angry until you see their teeth, and that's too late!
  7. they know they're black and still they insist on rubbing themselves all over your brand new white dress as a sign of affection!

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