Monday, September 16, 2013

Healthy Breakfast

It is Malaysia Day today and although I had arisen later than expected, I decided to start the healthy breakfast plan that I had. Since the little jolt into reality I had recently, I have resolved to try to change my lifestyle - more exercise and conscious meal selections.
Today was my second time trying oats (the first being many years ago). As per the instructions on the packaging, I prepared 5 spoons of instant oats in hot water and apportioned it to try out the following:
  1. Oats with salt, pepper and cheddar cheese - this was tolerable, suited best to my penchant for savoury food.
  2. Oats with plain yoghurt - too tangy for my liking, one scoop and I'd decided something must be done.
  3. Oats with plain yoghurt and fresh mango cubes - this was much better, but I can't be eating mangoes on a daily basis - sugar level and cost!
  4. Plain yoghurt with mango puree - since I had a little more mangoes left, I smashed and mixed them into yoghurt to make fresh mango yoghurt. This was nice, no sugar added.
So much for my first day of eating healthy. I really didn't bother taking any photos as they didn't look too appetising to begin with. And I think 5 spoons of oats is way to much for a beginner. Perhaps the next time around, I'll try 2-3 spoonfuls. I do hope in time I'd be able to adapt my taste buds to a healthier diet.

Update: Today (15 Oct 2013) I tried adding fresh carrot cubes to the oats variation no.1 above and it was more palatable (to a junk food junkie like me) due to the texture the carrots rendered. Maybe some spring onions would make it more interesting with the mild pungency.

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