Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Sarcastic Bone in Me: Mr Driver #1

This morning while driving to work, I had noticed that the driver of car behind mine was over-zealously trying to "stick to my rear" in the traffic jam. He practically looked like he was sitting in my backseat, from the view of my rearview mirror. Every inch I made, he was very efficient in closing the gap.
It was pretty annoying as even the sudden braking technique did not scare him off. So since he had been inch-tailing me in the traffic jam for a couple of hundred meters without ramming into my car, I decided that I could trust him not to cause an accident. Let him waste his energy in concentration of anticipating how far I would inch every time my car moved forward - perhaps he found some satisfaction or thrill or a sense of accomplishment in such activity. So who am I to dampen his happiness? (although his facial expression was far from showing any emotions)

Anyway, while driving home just now, my mind turned back to the event in the morning. I really couldn't help laughing at what my mind had come up with (yes, most of the time my mind has a mind of its own and talks on its own accord as if it was a third person). It went something like this:-

  1. Maybe he (the driver) had this extra-sensitive sensory hairs that gravitated to white Myvis. So being apart from white Myvis would cause him physical pain of separation.
  2. Maybe he felt like an F1 driver by revving his car every millimeter and found gratification in being able to go so close to the car in front without touching it.
  3. Maybe he had super powerful accurate stereoscopic eyesight where he could gauge the distance between objects with such precision enviable to any sportsmen.
  4. Maybe he really had to "go"... and what I mean by "go" is he had to do the "do-do". Bowel pressures make people do the silliest things in desperation to rush to the loo.
Disclaimer: All these musings are for fun. I do not believe any of the above sarcastic ideas are true. That guy was just probably very impatient in nature. I have no control over other people but I do have control of how I see a situation... and sarcasm is the way I find the fun in an ugly situation.

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