Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Are our politicians actually sane adults?

I know I'm supposed to be picking up important news, but this is what caught my eyes when I glanced at The Star frontpage today. Below is the portion which got me LOL (laughing out loud)! I mean like SERIOUSLY!?!

Selcat hungry for the truth but Liu is just plain thirsty

SHAH ALAM: The Selcat public inquiry on the annual allocations issued to state assemblymen looked like a scene in a classroom for a moment where the school teacher reprimands a student for drinking water without permission during lessons.
Selcat chairman Teng Chang Khim, became irritated with Pandamaran assemblyman Ronnie Liu for constantly taking sips of water during the inquiry.
He ordered the bailiff to take away Liu’s water bottle.
“Do you need to drink some more water?” Teng asked after the bailiff placed Liu’s bottle a few chairs away from the latter.
When Liu replied “yes”, Teng then called for a five-minute recess to let Liu, who is also a DAP leader like Teng, quench his thirst.
Liu, who was approached by reporters after that, said he was taken aback when he was not allowed to drink water.
“When you talk for a long time, your lips become dry,” he said.
Teng also sounded Liu off for interrupting him several times into the inquiry.
“Yang Berhormat, I am the chairman of this committee. When I am talking, you listen,” Teng told Liu.

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