Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My blog is susceptible to spammers? WOW

i was randomly reading back my old posts, when i noticed that some of them had comments. honestly this is the first time i've noticed that my blog had any comments!!! all this while i've assumed that the only reader to this blog is... ME... hahaha... since i did put it in 'private' mode for some time, especially during the times when i was working on projects... hence alot of ranting and i deemed it unsafe for some of my rather descriptive complaints to be available publicly...

i guess this calls for 34 comments... delete! delete! delete!

anyway, back to the 'comments' issue, i was surprised that most of it were spam!!! hahahaha (so yeah, maybe my readership actually numbers to ONE!!!) well most of the comments were composed using this cookie cutter template of first complementing my blog (which i doubt they even read a word past the title) and then proceed to advertise their own blog... especially this fellow with some carpet cleaning website! but there were a couple of comments which were clearly related to my post... so i guess those where genuine readers? (thanks for reading my blog! although i think most strangers would find it difficult to keep tract of what i'm trying to document... hehe) through one of the comments, i discovered a park ranger's blog and read a few posts... amusing anecdotes, just like what we see on tv about park rangers! hehehe

one particular comment was pretty surprising though... the one about my seatru experience in 2005! the volunteers after my slot read my post! and they discovered it from one of the research assistant's blog!! double shocking-ness... i thought my identity was illusive (i guess not! hahaha... so much so for my fancy ideas about myself!)... but yeah, seatru was really a great experience. i like these kinds of stuff where there is no fuss to deal with and you genuinely have to plunge yourself into the experience! testing strengths that you never knew you were capable of (like living for a week without electricity!). i hope one day i can go back to chagar hutang to see the hatchlings which i missed in 2005... (here i go rambling again)

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