Friday, May 23, 2008

Airhead time... knock knock

ooh.... i'm so excited! i just checked out and they've uploaded another 5 episodes of the korean drama "three daddies, one mom". i know watching korean dramas isn't a very 'constructive' pastime (for me), but i got hooked on this particular drama while channel surfing on astro. since in my home, trying to follow a tv series week after week is practically impossible (nowadays) as i have to book the tv in advance and that too isn't a guarantee that i'd be able to watch the show (eating out for dinner etc.). so i'm opting to follow it online... however thanks to the "ever-so-reliable" streamyx, watching one episode (streaming four 15 minutes parts simultaneously) can extend to 2-3 days. luckily i'm not like the average web users which have an attention span of a sand fly (as quoted in the 'Building flash websites for dummies' book), i actually have the patience to reload a page dozens of times just to access its contents.

anyway, steering back to the subject of korean dramas, i've come to realize that they are pretty far fetched in the reality department. practically all the dramas i've watched (not that many la) have some sort of fairy tale character which could not possibly exist in the real world... i guess this is what sets apart the asian dramas from that of the western world... however, this is precisely why i watch korean dramas too, as an escapism from reality... sometimes the drudgery of the real world really gets to me... hehehe

i roughly had 3 subjects in mind to blog about as i was coming home today, unfortunately i've forgotten 2 of the... so let me just go on with the 1 idea, maybe the other 2 will come back to me somehow

today i had a really fun lunch break, i found out a hidden side of my coursemate Janagi... who knew she could differentiate an Anna Sui bag from any other bag (as Hari puts it)... and her ideas for rice research (and the debates which pursued when the topic was introduced)... and her 'love life'... it's really interesting talking to her and Hari, they can talk the birds of the trees and debate anything under the sun (or maybe even more)... an example, we were talking about the possible scientific researches on rice for malaysian scientists (oh, today i learned from Hari that genetics is the study of genes but manipulation of genes is part of biotechnology... i've always had this confusion of definitions... and only after i graduate do i find out what these biological fields actually mean!) when suddenly he asked me, "you've never shaped your eyebrows?" and i was quite shocked... this coming from a guy (but then again, it's Hari... so i wasn't too shocked)... and then we all launched into the facial hairs subject... i learned quite alot about hair removal techniques, follicles, pores, tweezers etc. from both of them. Hari said i looked like a 'bag' girl (as in bag collector), but then i don't have many different bags... or shoes... or cosmetics... so i guess i can't really be categorized into any genre... i'm more like a clothes person, but i rarely buy branded clothes nor the latest style in fashion... so again, i'm a 'go-between'-er.

gosh, i really can't recall what i was planning to blog about and this post has been sitting in my drafts for way too long...

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